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Dynacor Coatings 2004 Ltd.
7753 Berg Road, R.R. #7
Delta, BC Canada V4G 1B9
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Dynacor Coatings 2004 Ltd. is committed to customer service in all facets of the painting industry both shop and on site. With over a hundred years of combined experience, our knowledgeable and courteous office staff will aid you in your coatings or linings specification decision making as well as supplying you with competitive pricing with timely delivery for all of your industrial coatings and linings requirements. Our state of the art facility located conveniently in the lower mainland muncipality of Delta is within 30 minutes of all major highways, consisting of over 40000 square feet of enclosed and environmentally controlled coatings application area, 5000 square feet of enclosed and environmentally controlled abrasive blasting area with over 2 acres of outdoor abrasive blasting and laydown / storage area. Not only do we have one of the largest abrasive blasting and painting facilities in the lower mainland of British Columbia, we also have the capability to provide inexpensive Wheelabrating for your stick steel needs and fabricated items up to 56” square.

Not only do we Wheelabrate, but our companies abilities are further complimented with the most up to date preparation and paint application equipment available with specialization in both shop and onsite applications of Thermal spray (Metallizing) of zinc and aluminum, plural component spray applications, epoxies, urethanes and alkyds.

Our facility also features 22 ton, 10 ton and 5 ton OH crane capability with over 50000 lbs of forklift capability…Off load and reload of your heaviest items to lightest items is of no issue here.

Not only do we have the capablity to perform your most complicated projects, we also supply with each project full quality control inspection employing two fully accredited NACE certified inspectors capable of performing all of your QC needs for both onsite and shop projects. Third party inspection is always welcome here as well.

The management of Dynacor Coatings 2004 Ltd, is not only committed to quality of workmanship, we believe that each employee has the right to work in a safe and healthy work place. To ensure an effective business operation we look for quality and safe production with a goal to control hazards in the work place there by providing the means to reduce incidents and therefore eliminating time loss accidents on all job sites.